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lying, sleeping, dreaming, gleaming
you know the feeling
drifting, aching, shaking, breaking
awaking, so slowly, yawning, glowing
i am smoking, ashing, eating, growing
aging, wrinkling, reading and being
seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling
praying, betraying, playing, swaying

'cause now i'm dancing with noone beside me
lonely, finally
i remember that morning, vividly
why you and why me?

the week before we had flirted
although i'd hurt you
but you weren't nearly perfect
either baby

i took you home that evening
woke up beaming
and after leaving
you went on living
you don't need me do you?
and i can't live through you
no more, no more, no more, no more

working, drinking, sighing, trying
to put it behind me
drifting, aching, shaking, breaking
bawling, my eyes out, all these storm clouds
are still here, up there, dark and brooding,
but they can blow me, blow away, i'll find some way

to make it through this i've done it before
let's just forget it honestly
in other dimension maybe
but here in reality

we will be dancing in someone's embrace
me with a new friend finally
we met at campus, randomly
why her and why me?
now say goodbye to me
be grateful, thank you, we found some truths

i hope you're feeling better
and you and him stay together
nah fuck it, if you break up and fail to make up
then you should call me, call me
i'm sorry, screw this, call me


from Won't Let You Down, released July 2, 2012



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Francolin Melbourne, Australia

Three minutes at a time, Melbourne's Francolin play pop-music to bring colour, energy, and joy to hopeful, celebratory short stories. Swedish-born Staffan Guinane writes for cold and warm nights, doubts and shaky certainties, life and after-life and whatever lies in between. ... more

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